Saturday, February 21, 2009

Since I don't go and casually tell people my date of birth, I don't suppose anyone will greet me here. So Borge happy birthday in advance man. Have too much fun that you'll choke and pass out. You'll come to in exactly five seconds to take another swig at that bottle and smile. You don't look as good as that 18yo guy you once were but hey, you turned out better than you thought. And guess what... you're still alive. Crap, what am I saying,,


wanderingcommuter said...

hampey bewtdey borge...

something just have to change but don't worry it will definitely for the good... i'll make sure of that!

lucas said...

happy birthday, borge! keep those words coming and make us a part of that continuum in your head!

make each day count.

Chyng said...

happy beerday dear!

(i can never be late unless i greeted you.)

xxxborgexxx said...

miss you chyng..

ey, lucas, thanks for visiting my universe.

wandering salamat sa pagbati.

sigh.. i don't wanna grow old. huhuhuhu.

~Kinesics said...

HAPPY BDAY, Borge! :)

Enjoy it and may you get all the desires of your heart! :)

I will buy you a shot! :)


Abou said...

have a good lay on your bday

xxxborgexxx said...

@kinesics - i'm standing by for that shot lolx.

@abou - hahaha salamat!

Josh of Arabia said...

belated, ikw rin naman ah late mo rin ako binati hehe..

i jst feel like visiting u here at iyon naman pala nagbday ka.. ah, as usual, i wasnt there to celebrate, yeah, i know marami na tayong redhorse na patutumbahin pag nagkita na (sana) ulit tayo..

more wisdom my dear dude, and yes, more life's good experience to come..

hey, visit me my portal naman :D

wanderingcommuter said...

busy na siya!