Wednesday, February 24, 2010


--- I own this month.

-------- Party everyday.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nurse Me

7 Nursing students in Starbucks occupying 2 tables, sharing 2 orders of iced latte, 6 cups of complimentary water, and a pack of chips brought by someone who looks like the leader of the group.

Student1: (Reading from textbook) "The client was bleeding but when given the prescribed medicine, the bleeding was lessened to spotting."

Leader of the group: (Adjusting her glasses in an authoritative gesture) Ibig shabihin, yung client nagblibleeding sha, pero dahil sha medishin naging lesh na lang. At shpotting na.. OK?

Group: OK.

Me: (Thud, thud, swoosh, kablargzxh ... yes, I fell off of my seat and landed head-first on the floor.)

I am utterly blown away by the sheer deductive power of the nursing population. I think I just cracked my skull.