Thursday, December 25, 2008

2009, the implacable approach of

..then it will again be my birthday. How harsh.

I envy those who are able to write almost on a daily basis. After this entry, I do not know when I could visit again. I do drop in more often to check out some entries and huwaw, andaming masisipag dito.

Wishing us all with everything we deserve for 2009. If we don't deserve anything better bahala na. We're not in total control but it helps if we do little somethings about our lives. Being fatalistic has got to be one of the corniest things.

..a little less alcohol, greater control in eating, lower blood pressure, more sex, more friends, new apartment -- 2009, here I come. Cheers.

BTW, who's celebrating the New Year over at MOA? I'm thinking of going there. I'm such a sucker for fireworks.. Then let's play with drinks and fireworks after.


wanderingcommuter said...

may tumatanda na talaga. hahaha!

lucas said...

i watched some fireworks when i went to moa one time and i swear, the display was the best i seen in my life--AND ITS NOT EVEN A HOLIDAY.ahehe!

ang dami ngang masisipag dito sa blogosphere..ahehe!

goodluck on your goals for next year :)

happy new yaer!

Anonymous said...

hello there! happy new year! :) sana maging oks na oks ang year of the ox mo. :)

Abou said...

happy birthday.

kelan ba hehe.

2009? definitely less alcohol for me. more sex? i wish haha. sana wag lang zero haha

gudluck sa atin!

Josh of Arabia said...
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xxxborgexxx said...

something's wrong with blogger... these comments have been here pending since december and they're just showing up for approval now... hmmm.

@wandering - grrr!!! hehehe.
@lucas - you should've been there on new year's eve! the fireworks were absolutely awsome.
@joshmarie - salamat po! sa'yo din ;p
@abou - i'm starting to hate my birthdays don't remind me! harhar.
@josh - hayz. tagay pa nga!