Friday, November 14, 2008

What time is it? II

My weekends are mine. Nobody has got any business taking ownership of my Saturdays and Sundays. Fridays, even.

I will laugh my teeth out till they fall off, say some crazy and stupid things that I won’t admit to saying afterwards, and shut down my brain circuits. I will talk to everyone even when I’m pissed. I will smile at everyone and don’t take that to mean flirting. I refuse to ruin my non-work days even when that means I gotta sell myself.

If something’s not right, I will neither think nor talk about it on a Saturday. I will hold it off till Sunday. When Sunday comes, it has been forgotten. I will not face it on a weekday either, hell no. It would steal my focus from work. That’s just goddamn unacceptable. It’s enough that I deal with a daily hangover. Weekdays are a bummer so my weekends deserve to be a huge wildfire. I’d like to keep it that way thank you; now move to the side and let me pass.

It’s an hour and a half past Saturday. I shouldn’t even be writing. That’s what time it is and I’m gone. Don’t run after me unless you’re prepared to get ran over. Naaah. Just playing. Inuman na!
Originally written on 09nov08, 0130hrs | midnight sentiments


RONeiluke, RN said...

hanep...napakasagrado pala ng weekends para sayo!

inuman na! hehe!

krishA said...

wow someone's got commitment to their work hehe.

pero tama yung sinabi mo sa huli, inumaan na!

Chyng said...

-----------? ----?

Wala ko masabe! haha

Kelan tayo balik sa SOMS? (ayan, finally a safe question.)

xxxborgexxx said...

@ all - inuman sa som's australia para makasama si krishA hehehe